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Welcome to the 9th Reenactment Society


A dedicated group of World War II historians and hobbyists

The US National World War II memorial as seen from the Washington Monument, Washington, DC. Photo by Richard Latoff

Dedicated to those who have gone before us.

To their name and in their honor we fight to keep history alive!

Welcome! You have reached the home page of the 9th Reenactment Society, a non-profit traveling museum/living history group located in the north-eastern United States. We are a collection of WWII historians and enthusiasts that endeavor to keep the memories, sights, sounds, and smells of the 1939-1945 period alive and accessible.

WWII reenacting is the process of immersing yourself into the role of a soldier during the Second World War. There is no more acute way of understanding some of the stresses, demands, and unpleasentries of that experience than to actually put on the uniforms, footwear, and gear of the day. Once you dispense with the modern conveniences we have, and spend the weekend living the life, a new appreciation is gained for the Greatest Generation that no book, video game, or movie can match.

In addition, we engage in public education and displays at a variety of locales, including air shows, historical timelines, local schools, and other venues. Education and exposure of the time period to young and old alike is one of our main purposes and functions. We are non-political: We do not wish to glorify or glamorize warfare, nor do we wish to sugar coat and distort. Rather, we hope to allow folks to see and touch the items their relatives a generation or two before them used to help decide the world's deadliest conflict, and perhaps take some of the abstractness and mystery out of them. Unlike most museums, we have a number of items that we allow folks to handle safely. Often times we hear "My dad carried one of those around France" or "My Uncle drove one of those in WWII" from folks at events, and a connection is made, or a fond memory recalled. Overall, the public experience is a very satisfying and rewarding return on our efforts, and one that we embrace.

We are a group that has many talents and capabilities. Please click on a link below or flag link above to see our various impressions and the units we portray.

* Note-The 9th Reenactment Society portrays members of BOTH Allied and Axis units from WWII, and does so in the interest of historical reality and inclusion, rather than for any political motivation or cause. We are Historians first and foremost, and focused only on providing as realistic an approach to studying the conflict as possible. The 9th Reenactment Society respectfully requests any radical/white supremacist/KKK/neo-Nazi/extremist groups to please look elsewhere for an audience, as we are NOT interested.

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The 9th Reenactment Society now accepts donations to help keep our living history alive. Every dollar counts so please give if you are so inclined. All donations go directly to maintaining our vehicles and equipment so we can get them out to public shows and events. They are VERY expensive to own, operate, and maintain. We very much appreciate your support.

Thank You! from The 9th Reenactment Society.

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